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Anne Marie Scharer, Acting 2nd Horn Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Anne has been playing horn at the Met since the 1997-1998 season. Previously she played third horn for thirteen seasons and fourth horn for six seasons. Anne was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and went on to study music at Indiana University where she studied with Myron Bloom and Michael Hatfield, and then went to the Juilliard School to study with Julie Landsman.  Her first professional orchestral position was in Oviedo, Spain as co-principal horn. In 1994 she returned to the United States to play associate principal/third horn with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra for three years, before winning her job at the Met.  In addition to her work with the Met Opera, she performs  with Classical Tahoe in the summer. Anne has also performed with the New York PhilharmonicThe Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Monarch Brass and records for commercial and movie soundtracks.

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