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Michael and Inmo Parloff

Artistic Director
Michael Parloff


Artistic Advisory Board

James Galway
David Finckel
Thomas Hampson
Members o
f the Emerson String Quartet:
Philip Setzer

Eugene Drucker
Lawrence Dutton
Paul Watkins

Executive Board
Donald Reeder, Chairman of the Board
Michael Parloff, President
Warren F. Cooke, Vi
ce President
Elizabeth Forbes, Secretary

Edward Lowenthal
Peter Riemer

Development Director

Inmo Parloff

Leadership Council

Thomas and Heidi Ahlborn

Bernard Berkowitz
Anne Bosch
William and Zitta Chapman

Catherine Cooke
Eugene Cornell and Susan Mayo

Paul Gridley

Christina Hembree
Adrian and Christina Jones

Gary Knapp
Ronald and Mollie Ledwith

Thomas and Carol Martin
Dorothy Neff

Barry Poskanzer and Mary Krugman
Suzanne Taranto
Donald and Gigo Taylor
Richard and Michelle Vaccaro

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