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Friedrich Heinrich Kern is a German composer, pianist, and glass harmonica player based in New York City. He has made widely-praised appearances as a performer and composer in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. FHKern’s work is dedicated to exploring wistful, unfolding soundscapes and discovering the realms between dreams and consciousness. He moves freely between the worlds of electronic and acoustic music, unwilling to be limited by boundaries, languages, and any barriers between them. One of the few professional glass harmonica soloists worldwide, he plays the only existing modern version of the glass harmonica in North America, the Verrophone. FHKern began his studies in his home country of Germany where he earned degrees in both piano and composition. He then traveled to Korea studying traditional Korean music. He combines his contemporary classical background with a refined pop sensibility to create ethereal compositions with modern electronic vibes. In addition to his solo and ensemble performances, he has composed works for acoustic and electronic instrumentations, ranging from solo piano to full orchestra. Musical connections shape his ideas and genius. His latest collaboration is ‘The New Paganini Project’ with Niklas Liepe (Sony Classical, 2018), and his solo recordings are released on M=Maximal. FHKern currently performs live in Europe and North America on his spellbinding ‘The Evolution of Silence’ tour. He is a member of German glass music ensemble sinfonia di vetro.

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